We value our patients’ experience at Spoelstra Family Chiropractic. If you are currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr. Amy Spoelstra

Lindsey Swingrover

We’ve seen Dr. Amy for 6 years now and adore her. My son has been in the Focus program for over a year, and he’s made real progress with his attention and emotional control. It isn’t cheap when you look at it without considering how much goes into the fee, but it’s way, WAY cheaper than what the actual costs of traditional medical interventions would be (plus with actual improvement in his skills and abilities instead of just trying to control his behavior with medication for the rest of his childhood). Plus we self-bill our insurance for some of the expenses (which is super easy). Seriously so worth it, and the entire staff is amazing. My kids love going to see Dr. Amy and Mr. Dave!

Britteny Prendergast

I started my journey at Spoelstra a couple years ago desperate to help my panic attacks. Not only did Dr. Amy stop these frequent, miserable events, she also kept my body together through the worst unforeseen time in my life which followed. As a holistic health coach I strongly encourage everyone to maintain their body through nourishment and gentle, effective chiropractic care like this. My son knows Dr. Amy as his doctor because I’ve effectively used chiropractic for his preventative care, which has left me little to no medical expenses for him during his 5 years of life due to his excellent health and strengthened immune system. Great people with their hearts in the right place doing truly great work.

Shanie Mantz

My children (2yrs and 6m) get monthly adjustments. Thanks to Dr. Amy they have NEVER had an ear infection. Her attention to detail, “slow changes” approach, and compassionate listening ear are among the many reasons we love her. Kelsey in the back office confidentially handles all your billing needs (including helping me keep organized when submitting to insurance.) We love them so much my husband and I now go. Our children attend the story time group and the amazing yoga clinics. Dr Amy has created a home for natural minded families! We couldn’t be raising our kids without Spolestra Family Chiropractic’s support.

Amy Yardley

Spoelstra Family Chiropractic is THE BEST!! Everyone there is focused on healing and supporting health. It is such a wonderful and positive environment you can’t help but feel better just by being there. They have helped my family so much in regaining health and improving our expression of life. Honest, real, caring – they feel like they are part of my family!!

Jessica Wardell

The care my whole family has received at SFC is amazing. My little children have been treated so gently and respectfully. We have seen HUGE improvements in the last year including: decreased headaches, improved immune system, decreased bed wetting, improved structural shifts, improved breastfeeding, and no more pain! The whole staff here is amazing and so caring. The FOCUS program has been a game changer for my son’s education and adhd. He has made huge strides and I look forward to continued success as we keep implementing the tools we have been given by SFC. Dave and Amy truly care about their patients and for them I am grateful!

Chanda Neu

SFC has been treating my family for several months. I have seen other chiropractors in the past with minimal to no functional change. Dr. Amy’s approach is resulting in functional changes that range from decreased bedwetting, improved attention and emotional regulation, to no more back pain. Her xrays were the most thorough I have ever had and part of her $300 initial exam. I spent $500 alone in xrays 2 years ago and they didn’t identify the root cause of my back problems. Research supports intensity/frequency for change – this is true for most therapies. I am thankful she offers an integrated neurodevelopmentsl approach as an alternative to meds. We love SPC so much that we drive in from Spokane!

Alex Coon

I have nothing but shining praise and gratefulness for Dr. Amy and her staff. She is incredibly knowledgeable and her passion to help and educate others is inspiring 🙂 She is a blessing to our community and I’m thrilled that my family is under her care

Chanda Rayner

As a parent of a child in their focus group and as a new client I can say without a doubt we’ve never received the loving care that we receive being clients of Dr. Amy. Her up front , unbiased and honest approach is valuable when trying to make difficulties decisions as it relates to health. My son has thrived …THRIVED under her care. We saw such huge results that I’m now a patient of Dr. Amy too. In a short amount of time I see huge improvements and am also on my way to recovered health from depression, sleep issues and tons of other ailments which impacted me. I’m so very grateful to have crossed paths with SPOELSTRA Family Chiropractic and cannot rave enough about their passion to heal, their love for their clients and genuine concern for others. You cannot go wrong choosing SPOELSTRA Family Chiropractic.

Brian Sanders

Has helped my back pain like nobody else!!!! Her gentler techniques differ from the more traditional chiropractic techniques and have really made a huge difference in my pain level!!!

Barbara Geatches

We love Spoelstra Family Chiropractic. We have been seeing Dr. Amy for a number of years now (4?) for regular chiropractic care. We go to allopathic doctors when medically necessary but prefer chiropractic care for “well” visits. I have gone to a chiropractor for over 20 years and my doctor in VA used to tell me I was hyper-mobile since my adjustments never lasted. After seeing Dr. Amy for a few months, my adjustments started to “hold” for the first time in my life. I… love the fact that she uses a drop table and an activator instead of some of the twisting contortion techniques I’ve experienced in other offices. Although I have gotten some positive results from some of those doctors as well, I never felt comfortable taking my children, whose bones and body structure are still developing, to someone who utilizes those kinds of techniques. I have never had any qualms with having all my children adjusted by Dr. Amy and I’ve seen amazing results with my kids after they have been adjusted. I’ve seen entire attitudes change from being cranky and moody (particularly after they may have spent a day snowboarding, hiking or jumping on a trampoline with friends) to back to their normal cheery selves once they were adjusted.

Two of my children have gone through the FOCUS program with fantastic results. Although my kids do not fit the stereotypical profile of who the FOCUS program is marketed to, as they have never been diagnosed with autism, ADHD or any other medical condition, they both benefited greatly. One was exhibiting behavior issues that many told us was just typical teen behavior and emotions, but the FOCUS program was able to reconnect some neuro-pathways that allowed her to cope with the stressors of life in a more productive way. The other was having some challenges with cognitive thinking.

I highly recommend Dr. Amy and her staff, for not only wellness care but also the FOCUS program, as your body can only benefit from what they offer!

Gretchen Kruse- age 42 years old

I am a very active person with a physically demanding career and I also regularly participate in triathlons (including 2 completed Ironman races and one more on the docket for September of this year).  Because of past injuries and physical stresses I have been receiving chiropractic care for over 20 years from several different sources, each one slightly different. I originally became a patient of Dr. Amy in 2008 because I was searching for a chiropractor in the local vicinity and happened to come across her office.  When I first started going to Dr. Amy my pain was fairly severe and I was beginning to wonder if signing up for another Ironman was the stupidest thing I ever did or if I would ever be able to maintain a regular training schedule for triathlons again, not to mention conduct the physically demanding work that I do.  I was suffering from back, neck, foot and hip pain and my feet were beginning to pronate (turn in) while I ran, walked, and even moved.  I also suffered from severe tear-forming back pain while riding my bike, despite having it professionally fit. Dr. Amy has gone a step beyond my previous chiropractors in that she has taken a holistic approach to my health.  Beyond regular spinal and structural manipulations, she encourages interaction with a regular general physician, a massage therapist (Amber Rogers), and a physical therapist (Cathy Gephart, Two Hands Physical Therapy) that fit me with orthotics to reverse problems associated with structural imbalances and foot pronation.

The pleasant and attentive demeanor of Dr. Amy and her receptionist are also a plus when it comes to those doctor office visits.  At this point I feel that although I still have a long way to go and that I will likely need to continue on this road of treatment for the rest of my life, I am certainly on a positive path to healing and dealing with my aches and pains.  Thank you Dr. Amy you’re the greatest!!

Elias Erb
Born April 25th, 2009
C2 Adjustment – May 11th

Elias had severe congestion due to allergies, since his birth.  For 2 miserable weeks, we used alliumcepa, a homeopathic allergy medicine. He wasn’t able to sleep well because he couldn’t get a full tummy since he couldn’t breathe during feeding.  He was always tired from the labor of trying to breathe and the lack of sleep from waking every hour and a half.

I, Mom Erb, had been going to see Dr. Spoelstra for sciatic pain while I was pregnant and then continued care after I had the baby. She offered to check him while I was at one of my appointments.

Just after Dr. Spoelstra had adjusted his C2, I took him out to the lobby to buckle him in his seat.  As soon as I put him in the seat, he sneezed out a ton of boogers and has been clear ever since!  I haven’t had to give him any allergy medication and he now sleeps for 6 to 7 hour stretches at night.

He can breathe!!

Ruby Johnson age – 41 years old

I had been having migraine headaches twenty-four hours a day, for the past four and a half years. I received whiplash from a previous accident in January, 2005.  For me, eating and sleeping had become quite a chore.

One day, while reading the newspaper, I came upon an article by Dr. Amy Spoelstra.  I wondered if she might be able to help me improve my condition and overall health. I had already been to nine medical doctors without any relief.  After just a few visits, my headaches got better, going from a 10 to a 3 in pain intensity.  I also stopped having them on a daily basis.

Since beginning a corrective care plan with Dr. Spoelstra, I have been able to sleep without headaches and eat with my family again. My visits to the office are short and sweet and the staff is warm and welcoming.  The best part is that now my whole family is seeing Dr. Amy.  The healing process has become a family affair!  I like that!

I plan on staying active and healthy, living without pain.   Thank you, Dr. Amy, for educating me about chiropractic care!

Jeri Midgley – age 50 years old

My husband found Dr Amy. He had gone into her office for his business and she noticed he was in intense pain from the way he walked. She immediately took him in and started to make a difference in his life. What a difference she made too. I followed his lead and started to see Dr. Amy in 2008 for the back pain I had been suffering from since 1993.  I had tried surgery, chiropractors and physical therapy and was feeling better until another accident in 1998.  At that time, the chiropractic and physical therapy gave little relief, which left me with the option of pain medication. . My back pain varied from a 10 to a 5 (1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest pain ever felt).  Five is a livable pain, but not an enjoyable life.

By the time I saw Dr. Amy for the first time, my quality of life had been affected in several different ways since 1993.  In the beginning, I stopped doing everything; then there were days when the pain was only a 6 or a 5.  When I started seeing Dr Amy, I also suffered from migraines, at least monthly. These would leave me incapacitated for hours at a time.

My husband’s and my favorite avocation is to garden. We do this in a big way, with a garden that is over 4,000 sq feet. This is a labor of love for the most part. When we are in pain however, this becomes a chore we both dread.  After I had been seeing Dr Amy for a few months, gardening became an enjoyable endeavor again and the garden is beautiful and fruitful.

A couple of surprising benefits that I have experienced during chiropractic care, is the relief from hay fever and heartburn.  This year is the first in many that my sense of smell has returned and I didn’t have to sneeze my way through the growing season. I have also not had to take the prescription medication for my heartburn for months. My life has greatly improved in all areas!  My headaches and back pain are much better and I can sleep again.

Thank you, Dr Amy. You are wonderful!

Laina Walkington – age 23 years old

I had ongoing headaches and nothing would relieve the pain.  I lived with the pain for 3-4 years.  In the beginning I would take ibuprofen, but it stopped working.  So…  I thought I would just live with the pain. Depending on the day, but my pain would average at 7 (1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest). The headaches affected my life in many ways.  I wouldn’t want to do anything but go to sleep in a very dark room.

Unexpectedly, Spoelstra Family Chiropractic brought a massage therapist to our bank for Banker’s Appreciation Month.  They gave all the employees a 15 minute chair massage.  I was really impressed by the massage therapist and she referred me to Dr. Amy.

Now I feel like a whole new person!  It is amazing to live without headaches.  I feel that I am a better person to be around and can enjoy the little things in life.  My job performance has improved.  I am also getting married in May and one of my goals was to improve my posture.  I have always looked and felt so tense.  Now I feel and look confident.

I want to thank Dr. Amy and Tiana for being such positive role models in my life and feel so happy to have met them.  I look forward to my visits and can’t wait for my future appointments.

Mary Morris – age 62 years old

I have had weakness in my legs and pain in my hips and lower back continuously.  After coming to Coeur d’ Alene in April of 2008, it seemed the weakness in my legs was getting worse.  I cracked a bone in my ankle on October 23rd, 2007.  Then, a week later while sitting in my car, I was hit from behind.  After rehabilitation through Workman Compensation for my ankle, back and hips for about 4 months, they considered me restored to health.

When I first started seeing Dr. Amy Spoelstra, the pain was about an 8 and I pushed myself to do the things I needed to do each day.

I work with 2 children each day from 9 am to 7 pm.  These children are 10 and 14 years old.  They need someone who is at least semi-active, and I was having a hard time doing anything with them.  I improvised as much as I could, but truth is, children know and call you on things.  They worked with me, but they didn’t like that I couldn’t do some of the things they wanted to do.

I didn’t feel like doing many things, and thank goodness my daughter and her family encouraged me to get up and keep going.  They are a very active family and I did more with them then I would have done if I had been by myself.

My daughter had met Dr. Amy at the County Fair, who was able to help her step-daughter’s scoliosis.  She had such a positive experience from Dr. Amy that I thought I would give her a chance and see what she could do for me.  After all, I didn’t believe I could feel any worse.

I had a positive experience in the past with chiropractic.  It was many years ago and since then I had not found a chiropractor who I thought helped me, so I was not altogether trusting that this would work.  I felt I couldn’t lose anything by trying and Dr. Amy had done well by someone I knew.

My quality of life is so much better in a short amount of time.  I can get up and down better and walk up and down stairs.  The best part is that I believe I will continue to get better.

Dr. Amy has helped me believe I can live a healthy life again.  I have other health problems as well, so if I can’t walk and put some activity in my life, I won’t have any life at all.  I now believe I will be able to improve my muscles and have the endurance to strengthen myself to be healthy again.

I also need to include Amber in this testimonial.  Her massages have helped to make my muscles stronger and to heal my inner person along with the straightening of my spine. I continue to benefit from my body working properly.

Because my mental well-being has improved, my positive attitude will help me be able to work on other aspects of my physical health, like walking daily.

Scarlet Fruechtl – age 27 years old

For as long as I can remember I have had stomach and lower back pain.  I was constantly taking aspirin and using the heating pad.  On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the worst pain possible, I was often at a “9.”  It seemed like I was always complaining and missed out on so many activities that I wanted to do.

Since being under Dr. Amy’s care, I can honestly say that now I finally am free of that pain.  My life is so different now!  I sleep better and feel younger!  I no longer miss out on any of the fun activities I used to have to say no to.  I’m no longer miserable and tired!

I really like Dr. Amy’s friendly, informative, gentle and holistic approach to chiropractic care.

I’m now a much healthier, happier and more energetic person.  Pain no longer rules my life!

Renee Blythe – age 53 years old

As I awoke one morning, there was not a place on my body that didn’t hurt or ache: my hair, eyelids, everything.  I had limited energy and had been having increasing problems with my fingers, wrists, and hip.  I know chiropractic care could help my hip, so I thought I’d see if it could help my hands and wrists too.  I’d been putting it off, but was feeling lousy, so I made the call to Dr. Spoelstra.

My son, Dante, was already seeing Dr. Amy for chiropractic care, so I made an appointment and went in.  Under regular care, my energy returned.  The problems in my fingers, wrists, and hands improved to the point that most days, I am pain-free and have full range of motion and flexibility.  In addition, the numbness and tingling in my hip and hands is gone. I shudder to think of the state my health might have been in, even in one year, because I was feeling so badly.  I probably wouldn’t be walking. Once my treatment plan is completed, I intend to be vigilant in keeping the recommended follow-up visits.

I like knowing what status my body/bones are in.  Having both chiropractic care and massages available in the same location is convenient and practical.  I appreciate how Dr. Amy and Amber (massage therapist) work together to manage my care.

Kelly Sheffield – age 41 years old

I first came to Spoelstra Family Chiropractic for back pain.  I’ve also had neck pain for many years and have been under chiropractic care in the past.  My back pain began affecting my life last fall with an average pain of “7”  (1 being lowest and 10 being  worst pain).  My back pain became constant!  Every time I took a step or when I sat for too long the pain became intolerable.  Essentially, I lay down a lot!

I met Dr. Spoelstra through Women In Business.  It had been several years since I’d been adjusted and my back was really bothering me.  Let’s just say I was in the right place at the right time.

Now I feel FANTASTIC!!  My back is no longer on my mind and my neck and sinuses are much better.  I am able to be more physically active which is great because I am a “woman on the go!”

I am so pleased to be able to get my life back!  I have had chronic sinus issues and did not realize how much my neck misalignments affected my sinuses.  To make life even better, I’ve been able to dodge the flu that I’ve been exposed to all winter.  I learned that this was due to the boost in the immune system after each adjustment.

Thank you for helping me feel so great.  Your staff is so nice and friendly, it’s always a pleasure to come to each appointment.  I also appreciate how affordable and fast each appointment is.  I especially love the fact that my neck doesn’t have to be “cranked” to be adjusted.  Dr. Amy you are the best!  Thank you for giving back to the community and may your business be blessed.

Dan Ross – age 50 years old

I first heard about Dr. Spoelstra from seeing the ad in the newspaper, offering an exam and consultation for a donation to a charity.  I had been having headaches, almost daily, and my neck and lower back felt bound up.

Since seeing Dr. Spoelstra on a regular basis, I have no more headaches. I had fluid in my ears, which is gone, too.  I just feel better, overall. I would hate to think of where my health would be in a few years, if I hadn’t started coming to Dr. Amy.  Because of my lower back issues, I would possibly be in a wheelchair and still be having constant headaches.

I think my overall health will be better as I continue to see Dr. Amy, and I know it is the only answer for my lower back problem.  Chiropractic is an easy and natural way to deal with health issues.  The three ladies on staff are awesome, very professional, and a pleasure to be around.