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Since 2008, Spoelstra Family Chiropractic has been helping and supporting individuals, both children, and adults, with learning, behavioral, socialization, and behavioral challenges. Our brain-based programs incorporate proven tools that all work together to provide the greatest amount of healing and change while addressing the bigger picture.


Our doctors use very gentle and effective spinal adjusting techniques and have extensive postdoctoral training in pediatric chiropractic. This is the first pillar of the program due to the fact that we must correct persistent stress in the nervous system and ensure proper communication from the brain to the body and body to the brain in order to facilitate changes and neuroplastic growth in the brain.

Nutrition and Gut Healing

Nutrition, gut healing, food allergies, methylation, and various other challenges within the gut and body can have a huge impact on the developing brain. This is the second pillar in order to reduce stress and improve function in the gut/brain system, facilitating growth and healing.


This tool is a specific series of exercises consisting of body movements, balance games, gross motor and fine motor activities, visual games and learning sequences, auditory and metronome exercises, primitive reflex integration activities, and eye movement games. These games and exercises are specifically designed to be facilitated with a participant encouraging filling “gaps” in development and building more efficiency in the tools used for engaging, processing, connecting, and learning from our world to achieve optimal success and neuroplastic changes in the brain.

Brain-based mentoring / parenting

This tool is often overlooked, but it is just as important as the others! This tool is for the parents and guardians of the participants and even for the participants themselves. It consists of ongoing brain-based support, exclusive lessons, and strategies delivered by the doctors and our brain-based team. This tool helps the parent or guardian know how to advocate, connect, and help the participant by lowering demand and giving them tools to be more successful while facilitating physical and neurological growth!

Each of these tools can have a significant positive impact on those suffering from neurodevelopment challenges, but our brain-based programs stand alone as the only program of its kind in the world that uses all these tools together! ADD/ADHD, Asperger syndrome, dyslexia, autism spectrum disorder, anxiety, learning disabilities, and other undiagnosed behavioral, social, learning, and developmental problems are all Neuro-Deflective behaviors that can be helped by both our FOCUS Program and our Brain Blossom Program.

Both of these programs include all 4 of the tools above. The difference is our FOCUS program includes one-on-one sessions with a trained FOCUS coach to help facilitate the brain-based games and exercises. This program is highly sought after in our community and has been wait-listed for over 2 years. But don’t worry, our Brain Blossom Program allows easier access and the ability to gain the tools for success to help you or your child. The Brain Blossom Program includes brain-based games and exercises facilitated by a parent or partner with the use of an app. This program was created based on our FOCUS program and has easily achieved comparative results, so much so that it is used worldwide by doctors trained in this work.

To learn more about the brain-based work that we do and how we help, we would like to invite you to our FREE community lecture. We have been providing this community once a month for free for over 14 years. This lecture allows us the time to explain how the brain develops, what impacts the way the brain moves through development, the reason for behaviors and challenges, and explain how we can help. To claim your seat at our next lecture, please call our office at 208-667-7434

If you are unavailable to attend a lecture for any reason, we have created a 5 video series to give you similar information. Just click the link below.

There is simply no quick answer to describe exactly how the program will benefit you or your child without you attending a lecture to get the full scope. Then the next step is to schedule a FREE 15-minute phone with the doctor to specifically discuss your child and how we can help.

Behavioral, Learning, Socialization, and Developmental Challenges

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