Healthy Gut, Healthy Brain

As Chiropractors, we assess changes and alterations in your spine and make specific gentle corrections as we find the need. Ever wonder why? Well, your spine is actually the part of your body that is protecting your spinal cord, which is a MAJOR part of your central...

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Did You Know Stress Can Make You Sick?

Did you know Neuro-structural Correction helps your body to fight the effects of stress? In the 1950’s, Dr. Selye studied the effects of stress on the human body to which he concluded that stress is the cause of all disease. It did not matter whether the stressor was...

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Why is Chiropractic a Part of the FOCUS Program?

This is a question I receive almost daily as more and more people are learning about the FOCUS program.  The first point I want people to understand is that the FOCUS program is an innovative and integrative approach for kids and adults with challenges such as Autism,...

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Why Would a Child Need Chiropractic Care?

If you have visited Spoelstra Family Chiropractic or FOCUS, you may have noticed a LOT of kids!  While most people who come to our office for a consultation have been referred by a current practice member and know what to expect, occasionally someone may find us in a...

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Not Your Grandparent’s Chiropractic

Yes, it’s true – we are not a traditional chiropractic office nor do we practice traditional chiropractic here at Spoelstra Family Chiropractic. It’s not that we think there is anything wrong with other chiropractic techniques or offices, but we do have a very...

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Running Strong

While I was driving around town this weekend, I noticed more and more runners are pounding the pavement while the summer heat slowly dwindles away. As fall moves in, it is time for our local athletes to lace up their shoes and head out to enjoy a much cooler workout....

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The Power of Pain

What is pain? You need to ask yourself something very simple when thinking about pain. Why would your body, which keeps you alive throughout every second of the day, without so much as your brain having to form a thought about it, put you in a situation where you feel...

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Sciatica….if you don’t know the meaning of the word, then you have probably never experienced the symptoms. For those who have, the mild to moderate pain felt from the buttocks down to the knees can be a daily hindrance. You might feel it in one leg, or two, but the...

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