Being a mom and a wife, a professional, a business owner, a leader, mentor, an individual has taught me so much about how to do my work, how to help families, how to take my clinical lens, and make it more approachable, more practical, more about creating a safe place for families like my own family, like my own child in the clinical realm.

That’s a huge piece.

My personal life has allowed me and really helped me see how to create a safe place for families to be able to find solutions to their kids’ challenges, behavioral learning, socialization challenges, in a safe way, in a comfortable way, in a way that we’re going to make a space for them to ask and answer questions and to look for the root challenges that their child might be having. That might be leading to some of the behavioral learning and socialization challenges.

My name is Doctor Amy Spoelstra. I’m the founder of the focus Academy, neuro deflective retraining focus program, and SPOELSTRA FAMILY CHIROPRACTIC.

Everything I do is to create a safe place for families to find solutions while bringing a comprehensive and advanced clinical understanding and approach to bringing those solutions to families.