Did You Know Stress Can Make You Sick?

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Did you know Neuro-structural Correction helps your body to fight the effects of stress?

In the 1950’s, Dr. Selye studied the effects of stress on the human body to which he concluded that stress is the cause of all disease. It did not matter whether the stressor was mechanical, chemical, or emotional, the body always reacted the same. This work won him the 1964 Nobel Prize!

According to Selye, the body produces an alarm reaction to any form of stress that threatens its well-being. Unless the stress is unusually strong, we are not even aware of the body’s response. This initial alarm reaction is followed by a period of adaptation and if the stress continues long enough, compensation to the stress. This process will continue until the body can no longer handle the stress and then secondary conditions begin to emerge. It is at this point that the patient usually seeks help.

In our office, common secondary conditions are:

Low back pain
Neck pain
Digestive issues
Ear infections
And many more!!

Our brand of chiropractic care is called Neuro-structural Correction. We utilize specialized tests to determine the effects of stress and your body’s response to that stress.

Many people think they should wait until secondary conditions emerge but what we encourage is for you to come in for a well-check to determine the effects of stress on your body before this happens.

This is how we are able to help so many children and adults live with a better expression of life.

Get checked today and with our specialized tests to get a look at how your body is handling stress and avoiding disease!


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