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Have you as a doctor ever felt completely overwhelmed when working with patients with behavioral, development and learning challenges?  Do you know that we can help them but don’t know how to integrate everything you have learned into your office system? Have you ever felt LOST or started to LOSE faith in your role as a chiropractor in working with this population? Do you have the desire to strictly practice chiropractic in your office but know that there are other areas that kids with NDD’s need help? Have you taken all the courses and felt inspired when you left the seminar but after a week didn’t change ONE thing about how you practice in this NDD realm?  Did you know that there are other professions out there doing very CONGRUENT modalities that complement chiropractic perfectly when working with NDDs but don’t know how to engage with them or when to do so?

Let us be your guide!  

The FOCUS program was founded after a lifetime of experience and exposure to the theories and philosophies and treatment of behavioral optometry and follows a chosen career as a principled chiropractor and of course years of study!  I was put on this earth to do this work and bring this collaboration together to improve results and expression of life for kids with behavioral, learning, socialization and developmental challenges. YOU, the practicing chiropractor have so much to offer this realm, let us be your guide in this process.  Let’s keep your practice simple and stay within the chiropractic realm but gain a bigger picture and collaborative understanding of NDDs.

This population needs you, the chiropractor, to step up and I am simple a guide to  help you keep the process simple and effective!

FOCUS Educational Services is a company founded by Dr. Amy Spoelstra in order to help doctors of chiropractic and other medical professionals have an improved understanding and create simplicity around modifying procedures and protocols for working with kids and adults with neurodevelopmental disorders in their offices.

We provide training on and in our FOUR pillared FOCUS program and assist the practicing chiropractor to improve outcomes through a bigger picture understanding of behavioral, learning, socialization and developmental challenges.  We give step by step modifications for implementation of specific strategies and procedural changes to help serve this population with more ease in the typical chiropractic practice without disrupting the practice. We offer a FOCUS certification for doctors who would like to engage more in this demographic. FOCUS certified doctors have access to work directly with our FOCUS team and have access to offering their communities the FOUR pillars of FOCUS without having to change anything about their practice.


To allow chiropractors to continue to practice chiropractic in their offices while assisting and engaging the NDD population at a higher level. Through systems, trainings and certifications we provide options for doctors and their practice members to gain access to assistance beyond the first pillar of the FOCUS program, which is chiropractic.  We create simplicity around the complex needs of this demographic and enable the practicing chiropractor to improve outcomes with their patients and in their communities by gaining access to the FOUR pillared approach of FOCUS through a virtual education model for the practice member.


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