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Level one FOCUS seminar

This seminar will define and fill the gaps in the understanding of behavioral, learning, socialization and developmental challenges for the practicing chiropractor.

Level Two FOCUS seminar

The practicing chiropractor will learn a deeper understanding around the FOUR pillars of the FOCUS program and how to build a plan of care for kids and adults in their community with behavioral, learning, socialization and developmental challenges.

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This seminar will take a deeper dive into the developmental hierarchies of brain development, common neuro-deflective behaviors, and the Neuro-Deflective Retraining method. The purpose of this seminar is to expand the chiropractor’s knowledge of a multi-pillared and comprehensive clinical approach to working with neurodevelopmental disorders.  

By taking a deeper dive into the deflections in processing and developmental patterns of individuals with NDDs, we can gain more clinical certainty in the role of chiropractic in the healing picture.  This seminar is designed for the practicing chiropractor who has the desire to increase the number of kids and adults in their practice with NDDs and maintain simplicity in their practice. We are here to guide chiropractors in this arena and assist them in maintaining principled chiropractic while allowing access to the FOCUS Educational Services team to facilitate the #3 and #4 pillars of the program in a virtual education model.  

This model will allow for the chiropractor to stay practicing chiropractic, while also offering access to a multi-pillared approach to their patients that may need more assistance in filling the gaps in brain development. Completion of this level two seminar will allow for an exit interview and certification for a FOCUS practitioner certification.

FOCUS certification

FOCUS certified doctors will have access to continued training and private membership into the FOCUS practitioner communities.

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FOCUS certified doctors will have a direct referral and working access to the FOCUS Educational Services team and will be qualified to make direct referrals to the FOCUS team to facilitate a specialized FOCUS educational curriculum covering pillar #3 and #4 of the FOCUS program.  This FOCUS curriculum and consultation will take place over distance consulting and telecommunication platforms with the parents and the FOCUS facilitator team allowing the chiropractor to continue to provide pillar #1 and #2 of the program in their own practice without making any substantial changes to their procedures!


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