In my personal life and in my practice life, I have seen, worked with and been a person, a family who has had health challenges.

We’ve had challenges within my family where we didn’t know what to do.

We didn’t know what the next step was.

Who’s the next provider?

How do I put the pieces together to help not just cover symptoms but actually look, to find the cause, to find the reason we may be having the health challenges.

It’s chronic stomach aches, the headaches, the behavioral challenges, the learning challenges. It’s so many families now in our community and in our world, struggle with it.

I was in that family as well, growing up. I grew up in that way. That’s what’s led me to do the work that I do in bringing this work to my community, to create a comprehensive clinical understanding.

First, to find the reason, get to the root cause of some of the challenges that kids and adults are having.

Then, see what we can do.

What team of professionals we can put together to help an individual address the primary cause find the reason for the challenge and have a better expression of life?

My name is Doctor Amy Spoelstra and I’m the founder of THE FOCUS PROGRAM. We’re here to help our community answer these problems.

Find the big picture, look for more than just the symptom and covering the symptom, but instead what might be causing it and how can we help an individual, a child, a family have a better expression of life.