Looking for normalcy? Stop.

I hope this will give you some comfort…

Expectations of “normalcy”, in this alternate reality of “normal life” we are all experiencing together, right now, as a world…

Yeah…not possible.

If you are reaching for “normalcy”, well…just stop.

Odds are, you adults…you, parents, are experiencing a lot of regression in your own way. I will be the first to admit that I have moved through a lot of regression in the last month, personally. This “new thing” is a lot to handle, to adjust to, and accept. It’s a lot to wrap your mind around, especially as parents with so many facets of life your kids are not aware of at all. Stresses they aren’t aware of at all. Obligations they aren’t aware of at all. Bills, rent, mortgages…incomes.

It is taxing to a very high degree.

Do three things.

  1. Accept regression in your kids. It’s going to happen right now. Behaviors of old will rear their heads. It’s not permanent. I repeat, it’s not permanent.
  2. Accept and acknowledge regression in yourself. Your entire world has changed in an instant and you are scrambling to find solutions to a lot of problems you may or not have answers to. It’s okay. Billions of people are here with you, right now. You are not alone. The entire world feels like a game of chance for most everyone.
  3. Are you ready for 3? I’m not sure you are, but here we go. Drop your guard. You and billions of others don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow. It’s scary.

You can put your nose into your phone or computer screen and try to learn or you can do the better thing…

Go play. Put the media down and use this time to go play with your kids in a manner that has never been done before. Lose your inhibitions on play and go blow the minds of your kids. Build forts, play hide and seek….play anything and everything you ever played as a kid. Teach your kids those new games that are old to you. Then play them.

Kick the can. Hide and seek. Four square. Capture the flag. Hopscotch. Jump rope, maybe including double Dutch. Jacks. Marbles. Red light, green light. Simon says. Tag. Shadow tag. Marco Polo. Red Rover. Heads up, seven up. Five Dollars. Cat’s Cradle. Musical chairs. Lightning. Telephone…

You can hyper-analyze anything you wish right now while your kids “try” to do their own thing. The news, your social media feeds, your email, etc etc.

Or you can throw caution to the wind and get yourself out there to teach and play games your kids have never experienced before.

Do you even have to wonder which choice would be the better one for ALL involved?

If you want comfort right now….go play with your kids. Teach them a new game or even let them stay up past bedtime for a nighttime game of “kick the can”.

It will be worth it, I promise and you will ALL benefit.

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