Not Your Grandparent’s Chiropractic


Yes, it’s true – we are not a traditional chiropractic office nor do we practice traditional chiropractic here at Spoelstra Family Chiropractic. It’s not that we think there is anything wrong with other chiropractic techniques or offices, but we do have a very different approach.

We are unique from the techniques we use to the atmosphere of our office and people recognize that when they walk through the door. It is our purpose to provide clinical excellence with the latest technology, in a loving, caring, fun, and safe atmosphere for the entire family.

At Spoelstra Family Chiropractic, our primary focus is an area of chiropractic known as Neuro-structural Correction. The vast majority of cases that make their way into our office involve significant Neuro-structural shifts of one or more spinal segments. These Neuro-structural shifts are the primary condition that will ultimately reveal themselves as “symptoms” –or what Neuro-structural Doctors refer to as Secondary Conditions. These are things such as chronic pain, headaches, ear infections, chronic constipation, or developmental challenges (just to name a few).

The goal is a correction of these shifts. To accomplish this, our process involves the use of multiple structural adjusting techniques and instruments combined with Neuro-structural rehabilitation. The result is an improvement or correction of Neuro-structural shifts and commonly eliminates or decreases secondary conditions!


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