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Neuro-Structural Correction has a great impact on the development and growth of a child that has experienced early childhood stress in the form of physical, chemical, and/or emotional stress.

The pediatric brain and nervous system are in a constant state of growth and development and healthy afferent, and efferent, input to the brain is vital! As chiropractors, we specifically address the alignment and health of the spine and the way it impacts the function, communication, and development within the nervous system. This is critical in developing a healthy child and addressing the stress response in the young brain.

Through neurological analysis, we assess for Neuro-structural shifting of the bones of the spine. These shifts cause alterations within the joints that create abnormal movement, disrupting proper information being relayed to the brain.  This neurological compromise decreases the vital communication between the brain and the body and has the potential to delay or change the trajectory of brain development and growth of a child. As you know, a child under the age of three is constantly obtaining sensory information to establish new neural pathways. By ensuring proper communication of the nervous system, our goal is to help facilitate optimal brain and body development.

Once we have completed a Neuro-Structural exam (posture analysis, movement assessment, primitive reflex examination, neurological analysis, thermography scan), we are able to give our best recommendation for care. This in-depth examination and use of advanced technologies help us to obtain objective measures of the overall function of the child’s nervous system. In our clinical experience, if a Neuro-structural shift is identified, most infants and children begin care at a frequency of one to three times a week over the course of several months to restore nervous system function.

Following our recommendations for corrective care, we perform a re-examination to evaluate progress. In most cases, we highly recommend adding additional pillars of care, such as primitive reflex integration exercises and neuro-based movements to help integrate and create new neural pathways within the brain and the nervous system.


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