Spring Into Health

As we transition into the new spring season, it seems almost mandatory to feel the urge to do some spring cleaning.  After a long winter, we’re ready to uncover what’s been buried under those piles of snow and see what’s left underneath.  We feel the invitation of the sunshine as it coaxes us to come out of our winter state-of-mind and remember the beauty of a new season.

Many of us take the opportunity to clean out our closets, prep for a garage sale, and anticipate the activities that will become available as the weather shifts.  One of our favorite parts of the transition from winter to spring is the ability to get into our gardens! Springtime allows for creative possibilities to run wild as we envision what this year’s garden will bring.  Wild flowers, sweet peas, cherry tomatoes, the options are endless! Watching something come to life from the start of a seed with just the right amount of TLC is a such a beautiful thing.

There’s nothing like that feeling of sweet satisfaction when all of your spring projects are in motion and you are able to sit back and enjoy the rewards of your hard work.  We all know the feeling we get when the house is clean, the yard is ready for planting, and all of the previous year’s clutter is taken care of.

Have you ever considered doing a spring cleaning for your health?

Our body goes through the same sensations as we transition between seasons:  

We can tend to hibernate during the long winter months, moving less and eating more.  

We accumulate things we don’t need.  

We get overwhelmed with the external environment and feel that itch for change as the new season approaches.

As the snow melts and the sun starts to make its way through, we start to shed the layers, come out of hibernation and feel the desire to move our bodies more than in the cold winter months.  Just like the dust that is shaken off of our cluttered winter houses and the soil in our gardens that needs some serious tilling, our bodies have similar maintenance that needs to be done.

It’s a natural process for our human ecosystems to go through seasonal changes in harmony with our outside environment.  We too, need a little spring cleaning to get the most out of the new season. Just like our homes and our yards, a little extra TLC can go a long way to maximize the benefits of our lives.

Many people might read this and immediately think that spring cleaning for your health means improving those eating habits you may have slipped on over the winter, joining that new running club or trying that new supplement you’ve been wondering about.  

We’re here to tell you that all of those things are great.  But, you might be missing a foundational piece.  

Let’s take it back to our beautiful spring gardens…

We know that there are essentials elements that are needed for our plants to grow and thrive.  The first thing we do is start with the soil. We need to make sure that it has the proper pH balance, nutrient density and structural integrity to support our new seedlings.  We know that if the soil isn’t healthy, creating a solid foundation, the chances of our plants to grow the way we want are less likely.

Of course, the proper amount of sunlight and water are essential pieces of this equation as well.  But, if that solid foundation of soil isn’t there, the seed would just stay a seed if it only had water and sunlight alone.  This foundation affects the vibrancy of the flowers grown, the quality of the fruit that’s produced, and the life span of whatever is planted.   

Our bodies operate in this exact same way!  We too, have a foundation that determines the quality of our lives.  If our foundation is shaky, inconsistent, unreliable and improperly maintained, our lives will truly be impacted.  Our bodies are ran and controlled by ONE SYSTEM.

This system determines how every other system of the body is functioning.  

This system controls how we navigate our worlds.

This system tells us when we’re feeling joy, love, pain or exhaustion.

This system controls our ability to adapt to the stressors in life.

This system is literally the foundation of Every. Single. Thing. in our entire body.  Our eyes, ears, heart, lungs, digestive organs, reproductive organs, cognitive abilities, emotional regulation, behavioral choices. Everything.

Do you know what this system is?  

Your nervous system.  

Your nervous system consists of your brain, spinal cord, and nerves.  These things are what keep our body online and fully functioning.

Any issues in this foundation is bound to cause effects elsewhere.  It’s like gravity. If there is interference in that foundational piece of our health, the nervous system, the body WILL leave clues.  There WILL be secondary conditions that rise to the surface that impact our ability to live our lives.

So, how’s your foundation?  Are you making sure that the soil that your life is planted in is in exceptional condition?  Are you growing and thriving and vibrant?

If you want to find out where you’re at on a foundational level, we are here to help.  Our mission is to empower families the ability to understand, take control and improve their health.  If you want more information about how we can be a part of yours and your families spring cleaning routine this year, let us know!    


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