When I was younger, I was an athlete. I was a swimmer and a water polo player. And not just like I did it sometimes – I was one of those athletes at a young age that did two practices a day, my parents drove me a long way to go to meets, and I ended up participating at a collegiate level.

The funny thing is, I think about my life before like there was this one season and now there’s this other season. The first season, I was obsessed with athletics. I was obsessed with working hard, setting goals and trying to achieve them.

Now I’m in this other phase – this adult phase or season of life.
I think about how I do my work and how motivated I am in my professional life to find solutions, set goals and help more families, and understand more. study more and bring that to my community with how to help families and individuals with behavioral learning, socialization challenges, to find more solutions, to find a comprehensive approach, to see that their kids can be more than the deficit they’ve been pegged. There’s more to it than that and we can help.

I’m Dr. Amy Spoelstra, founder of the FOCUS program, FOCUS Academy™, Neuro Deflective Retraining™, and the Spoelstra Family Chiropractic here locally. We’re here to help as many families as possible, and I really think the first season of my life helped me get into this season of my life.