I’m very familiar with the struggles that families and individuals face with kids or adults with behavioral learning, socialization or developmental challenges.

I grew up in a family where I had a brother with these challenges, so our whole household was impacted. And one of the major challenges was finding professionals, doctors, educators, practitioners that could see past my brother’s deficits and see past his behaviors and see him as an individual, as a child who is doing the very best he can or could to engage and learn and connect with his world.

And this has really led me to this path and what I do and my purpose, in my work, which is being a provider, I am a provider.

My name is Dr. Amy Spoelstra. I’m a provider that has brought multiple different schools of thought and theories and professional approaches, clinical approaches together to help these families.

To help families see that they do have more options than just living with these challenges or trying to cover them or defining their kids by the challenges they have.

We can help individuals have a better expression of life, no matter where they are.

And that’s what drives me is helping families like my family have a better expression of life.