We See You

Hey girl, we see you.

We see how hard you’re working.  We see how much you’re trying.  We see you doing everything in your power to keep yourself together. 

We see you rallying to create the best lives possible for your kids.  We see you running from one place to the next, somehow trying to be seven different places all at one time.  We see how many people need you, rely on you, and count on your love to get them through the day.  We see the stress of trying to be all things, for all people.

Girl, in case you ever wondered, YOU ARE SEEN. You are loved, admired and truly respected.

Between your Costco runs, school drop-offs and pick-ups, gymnastics, dance recitals, and baseball practice, we can only imagine the energy it feels like it would take to add One. More. Thing.  Especially if that one more thing, is solely for you.

We are here to say, that in case you needed permission or extra encouragement; you, your body, and your soul deserve that One. More. Thing.  We promise you it’s easier to give from a full cup.  We promise everything important will still get done.  We promise that you deserve a spot on that list of important things.

We don’t want you to give up all the things that you’re doing.  We know that is not an option.  What we want to invite you to do, is play in the possibility that everything else will run more smoothly in your life, if you are operating from a place of less stress.  Stress has been a buzz word for the last decade or so and for good reason.  Stress in quantities that are too high, stop us from living the life we deserve to live. 

Stress comes in many different forms: physical, chemical, emotional, mental, spiritual, etc.  The list goes on. You name it, it probably has a stress category of its own.  We’re here to remind you that stress doesn’t have to dominate your life; in fact, we’re here to tell you that it can’t.  Not for long anyways.  Too much stress robs us of our ability to maintain a healthy life. 

We want you to have a healthy, balanced, thriving life.  We don’t want you to wait for the next thing to crash.  Constantly putting out fires should be left to the firefighters. 

We specialize in helping women (and all humans for that matter) increase their ability to adapt to the stress in their lives.  We acknowledge that it’s silly to propose that the day-to-day stressors can be eliminated.  What we do know, is that your body, your brain, YOU, have the ability to change how you handle it. 

If you’re looking for a support team of other women, here we are. 

We believe in you. 

We admire you. 

And we see you.


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