In the FOCUS™ approach and the FOCUS Academy™ approach that we have here at Spoelstra Family Chiropractic, we are after more than what a child is not doing well in their world. We’re interested in why they’re not doing it.

Why are they having challenges with behavior, learning. and socialization?  As it turns, out, the information lies in their history – in the understanding how they’ve been developing, what stressors they have had and what neurological clues we may find on an exam.

For example, gross motor function.  How are they moving their body in space? Fine motor function. Do we have challenges with handwriting? Fine motor control, and eye movement abnormalities.

These tell us these eye movement exams that we do tell us a lot. They’re a big window into the developing brain and the efficiency of how a child is engaging with their world.

Things like primitive reflexes – all these different tests that we do as a part of our clinical approach are there to help us understand not just what is challenging for a child as far as behavior or learning or socialization, but look for the why and specifically the clinical foundational answers.

Through this approach, we can help them be more efficient and have a better expression of life – not just cope or cover, but actually develop and become more efficient.