Why is chiropractic a part of the FOCUS program for kids with neurodevelopmental disorders?


This is a question I receive almost daily as more and more people are learning about the FOCUS program.  The first point I want people to understand is that the FOCUS program is an innovative and integrative approach for kids and adults with challenges such as Autism, learning and behavioral disorders, and ADD/ADHD.  The program is comprised of four main pillars and all are equally important.

Phase one of the program is targeted toward healing the brain and body and getting the individual in a place, physically, where change (specifically in the brain) is possible. Neuro-structural chiropractic is one of the pillars because it is a tool used to bring balance back to the brain and nervous system.   The primary objective of the gentle and specific corrective techniques to the spinal column and cranium is to move a child out of the “fight or flight” zone and into a more balanced and healthy neurological state.

In this phase, we also utilize specific dietary changes, food intolerance testing, and gut healing protocols to improve health in the gastrointestinal system and, therefore, help heal the brain.  It is because of the effectiveness of the specific Neuro-structural correction that this type of chiropractic has been a part of the FOCUS program from the beginning and is part of the first phase of healing for individuals with learning, behavioral, or developmental challenges.    

To learn more about the other pillars of the FOCUS program and the results we are seeing in our practice members, you can visit www.cdafocus.com and call 208-667-7434 to reserve a space at our next free lecture or workshop.


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