You’re Not JUST Anything

An invitation to reconsider the word “just”…

So often when working when women and moms in particular, we hear the word “just” in many scenarios. 

“I’m just a mom.” 

“I’m just a wife.”

“I’m just trying to grow an online business.”

You are not just anythingJust implies that there is the chance that you should be something more.  Or that the things that come after the word just are not to be honored and respected as full and complete pieces of who you are and what you do.

You are not just a mom.  You are not just a wife, a sister, a friend, an entrepreneur, a human being on a path to uncovering and living in your purpose.

All of these things are full-time jobs requiring full attention, dedication, and commitment.  

In a world full of doers, over-achievers, and in a culture that values an incredibly long list of titles, this is an invitation to know that being on your journey in an intentional way is ENOUGH.  

You don’t have to be more.  You don’t have to do more. You can be exactly who you are, where you are, and feel absolutely complete.  

For all of the moms out there who just raise children, know that your job is the most important job of all.  Creating, nurturing and growing good human beings is not only incredibly difficult, but it is incredibly valuable.  This is not something you just do.  There is nothing you need to add to the description of what you do to make your job seem more relevant.  

Proudly and boldly say what you do, or more importantly, who you are, without diminishing your value.  

I am _______.  A mom. A wife.  A gardener. A student of life.  An expert in problem solving. An artist.  A growing entrepreneur. A writer. A practicing human being.  

Whatever it is that you are, know that it is important and worthy and making a difference in the world.  

If you start to notice this language in yourself and the people around you, invite change.  Invite a new perspective into your world and the communities you’re in. Allow people the opportunity to speak boldly about who they are and what they do without apology.  

The world needs more people who understand the value and work that it is to be a human on this planet.  Start with you. Know and believe with your whole heart that your journey is not JUST anything. It IS. Full and complete.  Enough. Whole. Worthy. And only yours to understand.




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